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Hawk Strategies CEO Anthony Attanasio speaks to Newark Boys and Girls Club after school program

Attanasio enjoyed speaking with Newark students about career opportunities in both politics, government, transportation & infrastructure

November 2022

Hawk Strategies CEO Anthony Attanasio enjoyed the opportunity to speak about his experiences with several teenagers at the Newark Boys and Girls Club. The group is focused on entrepreneurship and learning about different career paths to consider after high school or college. Anthony discussed his time as a political operative and his transition to a transportation and infrastructure consultant.

The group was organized by Newark Boys and Girls Club CEO Ameer Washington and Attanasio’ s good friend Bill Sullivan of Raymond James & Associates, Inc. When Bill and Ameer met, the idea to utilize Bill’s contacts in the professional world to open doors for children from Newark was born. Since then, professionals from the financial, government, political, transportation & infrastructure sectors and more have spoken to more than a dozen teenagers in hopes of sharing new ideas for career opportunities. Special thanks to Ameer and the entire staff at the Newark Boys and Girls Club for the incredible work they do day in and day out. Ameer went from a kid who attended the Boys and Girls Club to becoming its CEO and his love for the community and its children is incredible.

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