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Hawk Strategies’ CEO Anthony Attanasio Moderates the 2022 TransAction VIP Panel.

A View from the Top: Insights Into New Jersey’s Independent Transportation Authorities.

Attanasio and the leaders of NJ TRANSIT, the NJ Turnpike Authority & the South Jersey Transportation Authority discuss current challenges and opportunities facing New Jersey’s independent transportation agencies.

New Jersey’s independent transportation authorities are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities as we continue to work through the later stages of the COVD-19 pandemic. From fluctuations in ridership and toll payers, to the passage of the Federal infrastructure funding package, the next decade will be an exciting time for our State’s transportation agencies and network. Hawk Strategies CEO Anthony Attanasio will moderate a panel with the leaders of the State’s top three independent transportation authorities as they discuss everything from overcoming the current challenges facing their agencies, to exploring the potential opportunities they are focused on in the near future.

Moderator: Anthony Attanasio, President, Hawk Strategies, LLC

Panelist: John Keller, Executive Director, NJ Turnpike Authority

Panelist: Kevin Corbett, President & CEO, NJ TRANSIT Corporation

Panelist: Stephen Dougherty, Executive Director, South Jersey Transportation Authority

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